Mortgage rates

An adjustable-rate mortgage is a home loan with an initial rate that’s fixed for a specified period of time after you buy it. This type of mortgage is sometimes referred to as a fixed-rate mortgage. If you’re buying your house as an investment, you may want a fixed-rate mortgage instead.

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Adjustable-rate loan mortgages may be secured, meaning you need to pay a security deposit to secure the loan. You must pay for a security deposit yourself. For example, you can purchase an adjustable-rate mortgage with a 4 percent down payment (assuming the amount being borrowed is in the amount of 4 percent of the homes value, as is typical with most mortgages). If you can afford the down payment, you can qualify for a loan with this type of mortgage. In other words, youll not need any funds from the bank, or savings, to purchase a home with an adjustable-rate mortgage. But you will need a minimum cash amount, which is often a deposit you place with a mortgage broker.

How Will I Know If I Can Get a Fixed-Rate Mortgage?

You will need to see how a home purchased with an adjustable-rate mortgage compares to the purchase price of the home and interest rate to be able to know whether you can qualify for a fixed-rate mortgage or not. Heres how to figure out the different types of mortgages on our website.

Loan Fees

Fees charged to the mortgage lender for processing the mortgage loan and processing your application, plus fees for the appraisal. Lenders also collect the following fees for processing an application and appraising a home: mortgage, appraisal, cash appraisal, and title insurance.

Per Mortgage Payment

The monthly amount you have to pay to the lender, in addition to your mortgage loan.

Interest Rate

The amount the mortgage will pay out every month.

Mortgage Loan Amount

The total amount of money youll have to borrow to buy a home.

Mortgage term

The length of time a home purchase will take to complete.

Shelter Loan Discount

The lender that accepts your application and sends a loan to your home, typically at the beginning of the mortgage application process. Most lenders offer a homeowner fee if you apply with a mortgage with a shelter loan discount.

Estimated Cost of a Mortgage

This is the total amount of money a home purchase might cost. Mortgage estimate cost estimates will likely vary depending on the actual costs you have to pay. These costs may include property taxes, real estate taxes, insurance, closing costs, home inspections and repairs, mortgage insurance, and more. Keep in mind these costs will vary depending on your actual monthly expenses and finances.

Paying Your Mortgage

As soon as you know whether you can qualify for a fixed-rate mortgage or an adjustable-rate mortgage, you should complete a mortgage application. You can learn more about creating a mortgage application by reading our guide here.

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